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u 233 decay chain

u 233 decay chain


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Uranium-233 is a fissile isotope of uranium that is bred from thorium-232 as part of the thorium fuel cycle. Uranium-233 was investigated for use in nuclear weapons and as a reactor fuel. It has been used successfully in experimental nuclear reactors and has been …


Isotope data for uranium-233 in the Periodic Table

Detailed decay information for the isotope uranium-233 including decay chains and daughter products.


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The decay chain of 233 U itself is in the neptunium series. 232 Th is the predominant isotope of natural thorium. If this fertile material is loaded in the nuclear reactor , the nuclei of 232 Th absorb a neutron and become nuclei of 233 Th .


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Thorium, from which 233 U is bred, is roughly three to four times more abundant in the earth's crust than uranium; the decay chain of 233 U itself is part of the neptunium series, the decay chain of its grandparent 237 Np.


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Uranium (U) 233 Radioactive Isotope Decay Calculator. Online radioactive decay calculator that allows you to find out the radioactivity decay in Uranium (U) 233.


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So the decay chain of U233 lasts quite a long time, about a billion times the age of the universe for half of the last isotope to decay to a stable thallium isotope. 508 views · View 7 Upvoters Related Questions More Answers Below


Uses For Uranium-233: What Should Be Kept for Future Needs?

uranium-233 (233U) and disposal of wastes containing 233U. Other relevant documents from this and other Other relevant documents from this and other programs are listed below with a …


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Uranium and Thorium decay chains. The Actinide decay chains of relevance to natural radioactivity are tabulated with the principal nuclei in large print.


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